"The Door Mill has always given me great service. Especially with some hard to find items that I find in remodeling. They have a quick turn around on all of my common items, also. I highly recommend them."


-John Jeffrey / Eagle's Nest Construction LLC


"I am a fairly new customer to The Door Mill due to the fact that I was not satisfied with my last door company. My last supplier never returned calls or assisted me in a timely manner. I'm satisfied with their professional team of employees and with their follow up with my door needs. My company runs smoother and I can get back to my customers without being concerned that they will do their job. Refreshing! I will continue to use them in my remodeling business."


-Paul Hiegel / Improve Homes

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About Our Company

The Door Mill, Inc. was established in 1984. We continually strive to serve the home building and remodeling market.

Our belief is that quality service and exceptional products don’t have to carry a premium price. Please contact us directly to learn more about how we can better serve your next projects needs.